Midnight Ink is a fresh new voice in mystery fiction committed to publishing suspenseful tales of all types: hard-boiled thrillers, cozies, historical mysteries, and amateur sleuth novels.  It's always midnight somewhere.

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Books - Complete Listing

Close Call Close Call
By: Laura DiSilverio
EAN: 9780738749204
Pub Date: September 2016
Price: $15.99
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

Mistaking a killer’s phone for her own, Sydney Ellison is drawn back to a past she thought she’d left behind for good  After living through the media shaming of a political sex ...
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A Cold Day in Hell A Cold Day in Hell
A Cold Case Investigation #1
By: Lissa Marie Redmond
EAN: 9780738754109
Pub Date: February 2018
Price: $15.99
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

Lauren's job as a cold case homicide detective is her life. And life just got complicated. Lauren Riley is an accomplished detective who has always been on the opposite side of the courtroom from ...
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Come to Harm Come to Harm
A Novel
By: Catriona McPherson
EAN: 9780738743875
Pub Date: May 2015
Price: $14.99
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

For Keiko Nishisato, leaving Tokyo is a rare adventure, but it’s living in the quiet little town of Painchton, Scotland, that shows her how far she is from home.  Keiko has never met ...
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Compromised Compromised
A Denise Aragon Novel #2
By: James R. Scarantino
EAN: 9780738750408
Pub Date: February 2017
Price: $15.99
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

Everyone gets compromised. Even the good guys. Detective Denise Aragon can’t trust her witness, the one who hasn’t been killed yet. She can’t trust Judge Judy Diaz and her ...
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Corpse on the Cob Corpse on the Cob
The Odelia Grey Mysteries #5
By: Sue Ann Jaffarian
EAN: 9780738713519
Pub Date: February 2010
Price: $14.95
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

BOOK FIVE IN THE AWARD-WINING SERIES STARRING UNFORGETTABLE  AMATEUR SLEUTH ODELIA GREY What do you have to lose when you go searching for the mother who walked out of your life thirty-four ...
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Corrupted Memory Corrupted Memory
A Tucker Mystery #2
By: Ray Daniel
EAN: 9780738742304
Pub Date: June 2015
Price: $14.99
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

When computer hacker Tucker is told that a dead man is lying outside his Boston home, he's shocked to discover that the body looks just like his father . . . who died fifteen years ago. Tucker soon ...
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Cover Me in Darkness Cover Me in Darkness
A Mystery
By: Eileen Rendahl
EAN: 9780738750200
Pub Date: December 2016
Price: $15.99
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

Amanda Sinclair has to fight harder than most for everything she has after fleeing the cult that left her brother dead at her mother’s hand. Amanda works a quiet job in quality control for a ...
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Critical Damage Critical Damage
A Mark Mallen Novel #2
By: Robert K. Lewis
EAN: 9780738736235
Pub Date: April 2014
Price: $14.99
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

When ex-cop and recovering junkie Mark Mallen is asked to track down two very different girls who have gone missing, he doesn't think twice about putting himself in harm's way to find them. Bloodied ...
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The Curse of the Holy Pail The Curse of the Holy Pail
The Odelia Grey Mysteries #2
By: Sue Ann Jaffarian
EAN: 9780738708645
Pub Date: February 2007
Price: $15.99
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

Is the "Holy Pail" cursed? Every owner of the vintage Chappy Wheeler lunchbox–a prototype based on the 1940s TV western–has died. And now Sterling Price, business tycoon and a client of ...
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Dark Streets, Cold Suburbs Dark Streets, Cold Suburbs
A Willa Pennington, PI Mystery #2
By: Aimee Hix
EAN: 9780738754703
Pub Date: January 2019
Price: $15.99
Available: January 2019, you may pre-order this product and we will ship it when copies are available.

Trying to help a teen in peril proves to apprentice PI Willa Pennington that sometimes home is the most dangerous place of all People move to the suburbs for a better life—nice houses, good ...
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