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Books - Complete Listing

A Gentlewoman's Guide to Murder A Gentlewoman's Guide to Murder
A Gentlewoman's Guide to Murder #1
By: Victoria Hamilton
EAN: 9780738758046
Pub Date: February 2019
Price: $15.99
Available: February 2019, you may pre-order this product and we will ship it when copies are available.

Scandal and slaughter among Regency London's elite The bloody murder of Sir Henry Claybourne leaves Regency London shaken and horror-struck. But for genteel spinster Miss Emmeline St. Germaine, the ...
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Ghost a la Mode Ghost a la Mode
A Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery #1
By: Sue Ann Jaffarian
EAN: 9780738713809
Pub Date: September 2009
Price: $14.95
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

A new series debut from Odelia Grey mystery author Sue Ann Jaffarian! Granny was famous for her award-winning apple pies-and notorious for murdering her husband Jacob at their homestead in Julian, ...
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A Girl's Guide to Landing a Greek God A Girl's Guide to Landing a Greek God
The Mythmakers Trilogy #1
By: Bill Fuller
EAN: 9780738747774
Pub Date: April 2016
Price: $14.99
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

Can a girl from Queens find happily ever after with an honest-to-goodness Greek god? When Angie’s big fat Greek wedding goes bust, her grandmother sends her on a trip to Greece with the ...
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Give the Devil His Due Give the Devil His Due
A Tarot Mystery #3
By: Steve Hockensmith, Lisa Falco
EAN: 9780738742243
Pub Date: April 2017
Price: $14.99
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

Alanis McLachlan, reformed con artist turned tarot reader, gets paid for predicting the future—too bad she didn’t see all the trouble in hers. First a figure from her past tries to drag ...
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The Grail Conspiracy The Grail Conspiracy
The Cotten Stone Mysteries #1
By: Lynn Sholes, Joe Moore
EAN: 9780738707877
Pub Date: September 2005
Price: $14.95
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

Winner of Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year Award for Best MysteryOn assignment in the Middle East, television journalist Cotten Stone stumbles upon an archeological dig that uncovers the world's ...
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Hacked Hacked
A Tucker Mystery #4
By: Ray Daniel
EAN: 9780738751108
Pub Date: June 2017
Price: $15.99
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

Aloysius Tucker vows vengeance when a hacker terrorizes his ten-year-old cousin online. But the situation goes sideways fast, threatening to take Tucker off-line for good. #TuckerGate Promising his ...
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Heaven Preserve Us Heaven Preserve Us
A Home Crafting Mystery #2
By: Cricket McRae
EAN: 9780738711225
Pub Date: August 2008
Price: $13.95
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

Wine jelly. Watermelon pickles. And a suicidal stalker? Great. Thirty-something crafter extraordinaire Sophie Mae Reynolds makes preserves by day and answers a crisis center help referral line by ...
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Hell on Wheels Hell on Wheels
The Odelia Grey Mysteries #9
By: Sue Ann Jaffarian
EAN: 9780738718873
Pub Date: November 2014
Price: $14.99
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

GAME ON When Odelia Grey and her husband, Greg, attend a rugby match to cheer for their quadriplegic friends, the last thing they expect is to witness a murder on the playing court. Complicating ...
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Heritage of Darkness Heritage of Darkness
A Chloe Ellefson Mystery #4
By: Kathleen Ernst
EAN: 9780738736983
Pub Date: October 2013
Price: $14.99
In stock? No, expect a delay in shipping

Dark Secrets Hidden in Norwegian Traditions For curator Chloe Ellefson, a family bonding trip to Decorah, Iowa, for rosemaling classes seems like a great idea—until the drive begins. ...
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Hidden Vices Hidden Vices
A Megan McGinn Novel #2
By: C.J. Carpenter
EAN: 9780738741987
Pub Date: July 2015
Price: $14.99
In stock? Yes, ready to ship

Desperate to escape Manhattan after her last case and her parents’ deaths, NYPD Detective Megan McGinn takes an open-ended leave of absence from the job she once loved. Arriving at a rented ...
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