Midnight Ink - Book Club Questions

The English Boys The English Boys
A Mystery
By: Julia Thomas
EAN: 9780738749020
Pub Date: July 2016

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  1. The English Boys is considered an epistolary novel, written partly in the form of letters, diaries, texts, and emails. How did that help the reader uncover clues, both to the motives of the main characters and to the killer's identity?

  2. Bohemian actress Tamsyn Burke is murdered near the beginning of the book, but her character continues to develop and grow as the novel progresses. What were your thoughts of her before her death, and then after, when she begins to reveal her emotion and motives to Daniel and Hugh?

  3. Daniel and Hugh have been best friends since they met at thirteen, the relationship even eclipsing Daniel's relationship with his own brother. How did their friendship evolve over the years?

  4. The story of socialite Lizzie Marsden's death is told three times in the book, each time getting the reader a little closer to the truth. What is her significance in the novel, and what was Daniel's role in her life?

  5. What was the Montgomery Curse that ran in Hugh Ashley-Hunt's family line, and how did it affect the outcome of the story?

  6. Tamsyn's younger sister, Carey, is a med school student studying neuromuscular diseases. Why did she decide to study that particular field of medicine? How did her scientific mindset aid in uncovering motives in her sister's murder?

  7. The film industry and theater scene in London serve as the backdrop to the story. Did you learn anything about an actor's life through the book? How did being actors influence the character of both Daniel and Hugh?

  8. Borderline Personality Disorder is mentioned by Carey as an explanation for Tamsyn's behavior. Does any other character exhibit it, as well? If so, who and why?

  9. Carey's childhood friend, Nick Oliver, served as a catalyst for some of the events in the story. What was his role, and how did he effect the eventual outcome for Carey and her family?

  10. DCI Gordon Murray and his subordinate, DS Ennis, investigate Tamsyn's murder in a clinical, methodical way. What was Murray's modus operandi and how did his personal history affect his ability to solve the crime?

  11. Who did you suspect as the killer in Tamsyn Burke's death, and did that change as you finished the story?